Igus Launches Compact Slewing Ring Bearings for Automation Applications

Igus Launches Compact Slewing Ring Bearings for Automation Applications

Igus Launch Compact PRT-04 Slewing Ring Bearing Automation Lubrication-free

Lubrication-free slewing ring bearings from the PRT-04 range save 60 % weight, 50 % space, 20 % cost

Igus has developed a new range of slewing ring bearings for medium loads, which are maintenance-free and wear-resistant, as a result of the use of high-performance polymers. These Igus slewing ring bearings are also 50 % smaller in installation height and 60 % lighter, saving the user up to 20 % of costs, the company noted. The new PRT-04 slewing ring bearings enable fast rotary movements in a small space for various automation applications.

High cycle rates and loads in systems for welding, indexing tables or packaging, are the main areas where the demand for slewing rings is seen. Igus’ slide-supported, polymer slewing ring bearings have sliding elements between the inner and outer bearing rings made of aluminium or stainless steel. These maintenance-free sliding elements are constructed of high-performance iglidur J plastic that ensure that friction and wear are minimised without the use of lubrication, the company noted. It said the high-performance plastic withstands a maximum surface pressure of 35 MPa.

The newly-developed Igus PRT-04 range of slewing ring bearings ensure usage even in compact installation spaces with medium loads. This enables the implementation of compact applications in the automation technology, in sorting systems, as well as in control panels. The new PRT-04 range is available with inner diameters of 50 mm to 300 mm. Igus is also offering a wide range of accessories for slewing ring bearings, including drive pin, variable rotation limit, toothed ring and clamping lever.