Infineon Technologies Launches First TMR Technology-Based Magnetic Sensors

 Infineon Technologies Launches First TMR Technology-Based Magnetic Sensors

Infineon Technologies launched its first magnetic sensors based on the TMR technology. The company claims to be the world’s first sensor manufacturer to offer magnetic sensors based on all four magnetic technologies - HALL, GMR, AMR and TMR. Infineon will present the new XENSIV™ TLE5501 angle sensor family at the upcoming Sensor+Test 2018 Fair in Nuremberg. Infineon also claims to be the first supplier in the market to achieve the highest automotive functional safety grade ASIL D for angle sensors with only one single sensor chip.

The company said that the new products are fast analogue TMR-based angle sensors dedicated to automotive applications. The usage of these sensors range from steering angle applications with the highest functional safety requirements to motors for wipers, pumps and actuators and electric motors in general. These sensors can be used in industrial and consumer applications like robotics or gimbal, the company noted.

The TMR technology offers a high sensing sensitivity that comes with a high output voltage realising output signals of up to 0.37 V/V for all XENSIV TLE5501 products. A TMR-based sensor unlike other technologies can be connected directly to the microcontroller without any further amplification, thus saving costs for customers. Further, TMR shows a low temperature drift reducing external calibration and compensation efforts. The TMR technology is well known for its low current consumption, which is as low as 2 mA for the XENSIV TLE5501 family, the company said.

Infineon said that the new sensor family will be available at two different qualification levels. The TLE5501 E0001 is qualified according to AEC Q100. This version is pin-compatible to the established Infineon TLE5009 but can enable cheaper systems as no additional amplifier is necessary. The other version, the TLE5501 E0002, offers ISO26262-compliant development, achieving ASIL D level with just one single chip. It incorporates decoupled bridges for redundant external angle calculation and offers highest diagnostic coverage as mandated by functional safety regulations.

Infineon will introduce the XENSIV TLE5501 family to the mass market in August 2018.

Suhrid Barua
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