Jaguar Opens New Integrated Design Studio at Gaydon, UK

Jaguar Opens New Integrated Design Studio at Gaydon, UK

Jaguar Opens New Integrated Jaguar Design Studio Gaydon UK Industry-leading technology processes

Industry-leading technology processes utilised at the studio; this centre will bring together all of the company’s designers for development of future generations of Jaguars

Jaguar has inaugurated a new dedicated design studio in Gaydon, UK, bringing the company’s entire design team into one purpose-built creative space. This new design studio will be led by Design Director Julian Thomson, and is claimed to be the most advanced automotive design centre in the world. It has been developed to enhance the human creative design process with world-leading technologies, the company noted.

The collaborative hub at the centre of the new Jaguar Design Studio will be called the ‘Heart Space,’ and will bring together the 280-strong team as it designs future generations of Jaguars. The Heart Space is surrounded by bespoke working environments for the interior, exterior, and colour and materials teams, in addition to Design Visualisation and Design Technical disciplines. The Jaguar Design Studio is made up of designers from across the globe and from a range of industry backgrounds, including fashion, watch-making, sports and gaming.

Some of the industry-leading technology processes utilised includes custom-made clay modelling machines allowing 20 models to be worked on at once, virtual reality (VR) systems, and an 11-m K digital display wall called ‘The Electric.’

The main studios at the design studio are named Studio 3 and Studio 4, taking inspiration from the numbers of the Le Mans-winning Jaguar D-types of 1957 and 1956 respectively. It also pays homage to studios 1 and 2 at Whitley, which was the home of Jaguar Design from 1985. Studios 3 and 4 house a total of ten clay modelling plates, each measuring 20-m long and capable of accommodating two clays, with a load capacity of 4.5-tonnes. For the first time, designers can now place interior and exterior models next to one another to improve synergy and collaboration between the two disciplines, noted Jaguar.

VR plays an increasingly-important role in Jaguar Design with digitalisation teams appearing at every stage of the process from sketching through to launch animations. A VR rig enables designers and studio engineers to test ideas in the virtual world much faster and more efficiently than ever before, the company said. From the early conceptual stage, the Computer-Aided Surfacing (CAS) team convert the design sketches into digital 3D models. Meanwhile, the in-house Design Visualisation and Animation (DVA) team works closely with designers and data teams to render and animate the sketches and 3D models.

The new Jaguar Design Studio will also place a greater importance on advanced material technologies. In line with this, the Colour and Materials team have more space and technology to investigate and test new and sustainable resources that continue to demonstrate the heights of luxury and tactility for the next generation of vehicles. The Colour and Materials team work across both the exterior and interior, playing a vital role in creating each vehicle, from devising new paint colours, to conceptualising the smallest interior details.

Thomson said that Jaguar has a unique heritage as a design-led brand and this will always be a central pillar of its DNA. The design values and philosophy that were created by Jaguar’s founder, Sir William Lyons, remain the same and this building will allow the company to design the best cars, he added.

The whole studio has been conceived to refine the design process and make it even more dynamic while maintaining the heart and soul of Jaguar, noted Alister Whelan, Interior Design Director, Jaguar. He said the company consulted the entire design team to create its new home together as a family. “That’s a key part of our ethos because we want to encourage even more collaboration and synergy between different design disciplines in the studio, with the community Heart Space at its core,” said Whelan.