Lanxess Aiming to Become Climate Neutral by 2040

Lanxess Aiming to Become Climate Neutral by 2040

The company’s first major projects to lower CO2e are underway in Belgium and India

Lanxess has announced that it is aiming to become climate neutral by 2040. The company has set itself an ambitious target and eliminate its greenhouse gas emissions from 3.2 million tons of CO2e.

The company already has a target to cut its emissions by 50 % compared to the present level to around 1.6 million tons of CO2e. As per the Paris agreement, the global manufacturing community has decided to limit global warming to less than two degrees. The target will need a massive effort from every stake holder.  

The company will adopt a three-pronged approach to become carbon neutral. It will launch major impact projects for climate protection - special projects that will lower greenhouse gases; decouple emission and growth ; and strengthen process and technological innovations.