LANXESS Introduces New High Performance Wheel Solution

LANXESS Introduces New High Performance wheel solution

The new wheel solution Adiprene LFM C525 gets MDI polycaprolactone-based prepolymer to offer high tear strength, withstand fatigue and also abrasion resistance even in varied operating conditions and applications

LANXESS has introduced Adiprene LFM C525 wheel treated with Vibracure 2101 to meet the demanding applications and conditions. The prepolymer is based on MDI polycaprolactone to offer abrasion resistance, high tear strength and withstand fatigue better.

Adiprene Low Free (LF) MDI C525, when treated with Vibracure 2101 delivers a 96 Shore A material, that makes it easy for processing, as well as remaining stable at room temperature for 36 months, requiring a range of 16-24 hours at 115-120 °C. The LF isocyanate technology by LANXESS offers safe processing conditions as it avoids formation of star shaped crystals inside elastomer based on curative precipitation, thereby avoiding starring effect leading to better performance. 

LANXESS has also carried out tests with varied load conditions, speed variations and also wheel geometries while adhering to ISO standards. Based on its years of experience, LANXESS has also developed a wheel model tool that can predict performance of wheel in diversified applications, load/speed as well as designs.