Magneti Marelli Showcases Innovations, Solutions At CES Asia 2018 Shanghai

Magneti Marelli CES Asia 2018 Shanghai
Magneti Marelli Showcases Innovations, Solutions At CES Asia 2018 Shanghai

Magneti Marelli has announced that it is participating in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Asia, in Shanghai that is on-going from 13-15 June, 2018. Magneti Marelli is showcasing its innovations at CES Asia 2018 that will be based on the theme ‘A Part Of Your Future.’ The company is exhibiting its latest innovations in the areas of Advanced Responsive Human Machine Interface (HMI); Smart City connectivity; autonomous driving technologies; intelligent automotive lighting and advanced powertrain solutions. It is also showcasing solutions and innovations devoted to the Chinese market through this event.

In the field of Electronics, the main focus is on the theme of HMI, with the evolution towards multi-display systems designed to integrate information functions with design, Magneti Marelli noted. In particular, the company is presenting its vision of the E-Cockpit. This is claimed to be a synthesis of technology, which combines the entire dashboard in a single element that includes various displays, including the instrument cluster and the Central Information Display. There is also a demonstration of the prototype for the Cockpit-ECU. It features a single processor that can simultaneously integrate and manage up to four screens with different operating systems and technology. The Cockpit-ECU can also be fitted with wider-ranging connectivity and combined in a continuous manner on the dashboard using optical bonding technology.

In terms of Autonomous Driving, an important point is the ability to detect and reconstruct, in real-time, the environment surrounding the vehicle. To this end, Magneti Marelli has developed integrated solutions for the management of information from sensors which monitor the environment surrounding the vehicle via an ECU dedicated to Sensor Data Fusion. The Smart Corner showcases the integration of sensors for autonomous driving, such as video-cameras, radar and LiDAR into the headlights and rear lights.

The company is also showcasing Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connectivity technologies, particularly V2X telematics systems that allow communication with other vehicles, infrastructure and pedestrians. It includes the presentation of telematics boxes or T-boxes, modular telematics devices as both original equipment and for the aftermarket, allowing in-vehicle access to connected services aimed at safe, comfortable and efficient mobility.

For the area of lighting systems, Magneti Marelli Automotive Lighting displays the most recent synthesis of design and technology made possible using LED and OLED technologies. With regards to rear lighting, the company is presenting ‘light-guide’ solutions that allow the creation of thinner diffusive material with a larger surface area, similar to that of OLEDs. Furthermore, integrated electronics allow for adaptive backlighting functions, Magneti Marelli said.

Shanghai Magneti Marelli is presenting solutions for hybrid and electric drive systems, as well as ‘Water Injection' and 1000-bar Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) technology in the powertrain field. The hybrid-electric area consists of an air-cooled, 48-volt mild hybrid solution with belt-integrated starter generator.

Magneti Marelli said its presence at CES Asia 2018 is a further demonstration of the consolidated development of the company in China. It has been in the country since 1996, with production plants and R&D/Engineering Centres in nine locations.