NXP Acquires OmniPHY, Paves Way For Securely Connected, Self-Driving Cars

NXP Acquires OmniPHY, Paves Way For Securely Connected, Self-Driving Cars

NXP Semiconductors Acquisition OmniPHY Secure Connected Self-Driving Autonomous

NXP Semiconductors today announced that it has acquired OmniPHY, a provider of automotive Ethernet subsystem technology that enables rapid data transfer required for autonomous driving. OmniPHY’s advanced high-speed technology, combined with NXP’s portfolio and heritage in vehicle networks, is claimed to uniquely position NXP to deliver the next-generation of data transfer solutions to carmakers. The company did not disclose the financial terms of the transaction.

An automotive networking revolution is underway, driven by the need for higher data capacity and speed to meet the requirements of increasingly autonomous and connected vehicles, said NXP. It noted that new advanced autonomous driving systems will require gigabit data speeds and beyond. Current plans for next-generation vehicles call for eight or more cameras, high definition radar, lidar and V2X capability, all of which generate steep data challenges for current car networks, the company added. These requirements, combined with the modern vehicle’s need to offload data to enable the new business opportunities of the connected car, will soon make terabyte levels of data processing commonplace.

NXP explained that as the self-driving ecosystem works to deliver on emerging automotive data requirements, many have turned to enterprise networking solutions as a stopgap measure for testing. However, it noted that long-term solutions will need to be automotive grade and of a size and weight that make their implementation feasible. NXP’s acquisition of OmniPHY, which has already begun to translate 1000BASE-T1 Ethernet for the automotive space, is expected to give NXP a significant position in this rapidly evolving area.

Alexander E Tan, Vice-President and General Manager, Automotive Ethernet Solutions, NXP, said the company’s heritage in vehicle networks is rich and it holds a unique viewpoint on automotive networks with leadership positions in CAN, LIN, and FlexRay. The team and technology from OmniPHY give NXP the missing piece in an extensive high-bandwidth networking portfolio, he added.

Together with OmniPHY’s know-how, expertise and enthusiasm, the company can accelerate the time-to-market for its products and solutions, noted Sanjay Gupta, Vice-President and India Country Manager, NXP. He said this is an important achievement to position NXP Automotive as the leader in the autonomous drive market of the future.

Ritesh Saraf, CEO, OmniPHY observed that the company is excited to join NXP for a front-row seat to the autonomous driving revolution. Combination of the teams and technology will accelerate and advance the delivery of automotive Ethernet solutions providing customers with high quality and world-class automotive Ethernet innovation, he said.

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