OMRON Introduces LD-250 Mobile Robot for Autonomous Material Transport

OMRON Introduces LD-250 Mobile Robot for Autonomous Material Transport

OMRON Introduces LD-250 Mobile Robot for Autonomous Material Transport

Designed to handle payloads of up to 250kg, LD-250 is the newest addition in company’s LD series and has been designed to optimise autonomous material transport system across warehouses as well as factories for increased returns on investment

OMRON Corporation has commenced selling LD-250 on November 15, 2019. The latest mobile robot in the company’s LD series is designed with a payload capacity of 250kg and engineered to control different payloads by multiple mobile robots with one system only. LD series can automatically calculate optimal to transport material while avoiding people and obstacles.

Increased productivity and profitability is often plagued by decreasing workforce in developed nations as well as rising labour costs in emerging countries. LD-250 mobile robot can be used to transport large automobile components such as transmission blocks and voluminous packing materials. Customers can utilise OMRON’s industry-first fleet manager that has been designed to control up to 100 OMRON’s mobile robots consisting of varied payloads and capabilities. It can also optimise autonomous material transport system by conducting traffic management, navigation as well as battery management, the company noted.

Tom Mathias, President & CEO, OMRON Robotics and Safety Technologies Inc., said OMRON’s mobile robots can help companies solve rising labour cost issue, as they can work 24 hours a day without fatigue. 

LD-250 can flexibly handle changing market demands as it is built with sturdy metal skins designed to withstand unintended external impacts. It can also automate the transportation of bulky materials as well as light materials thereby increasing the return on investment, stated the company.

Motohiro Yamanishi, Senior General Manager, Robotics Business Development Project, OMRON’s Industrial Automation Company, said LD-250 will give customers more options while automating their material transport operation across warehouses and factories.