Phylion Manufactures 10 Million LEV Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

Phylion Manufactures 10 Million LEV Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

Phylion 10 Million LEV Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

Achieves feat in a little over fifteen years

Phylion, Chinese LEV lithium-ion battery manufacturer has rolled out 10 million li-ion battery packs in a period of 15 years. The company delivered its first Light Electric Vehicle li-ion battery from the production line in 2003. 2018 saw the company selling over 2 million packs indicating a tremendous growth in the EV segment globally, Phylion noted.

The company is said to have over a decade of experience in the li-ion space, coupled with several years of intensive R&D and an aggressive outreach programme for all stakeholders in the industry. Phylion constantly develops new technologies, such as an after-sales app for online detection service and vehicle-based intelligent service platform. The company said it will continue to cultivate the global EV li-ion battery market, and will expand its market base from China, Europe and India to the rest of the world.

FENG Xiao, Chairman and President, Phylion, said making li-ion battery is a conscience work. It needs very pragmatic and rigorous work, were mistakes are not allowed because of the responsibility for millions of users, he added. Xiao noted that since establishment, Phylion has decided to focus on both quality and cost.