QuEST Global To Unveil FOTA Blueprint Solution At CES 2019

QuEST Global To Unveil FOTA Blueprint Solution At CES 2019

QuEST Global Unveil FOTA Blueprint Solution CES 2019 Adaptive Delta technology Mobiliya

QuEST Global announced that it will be showcasing a highly-secure Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA) blueprint solution at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019. This FOTA blueprint solution has been built with Adaptive Delta technology, and enables real-time management and updating of automotive firmware. The solution can also be customised for any vehicle that needs periodic software upgrade in the digitally connected ecosystem or even otherwise, the company noted.

The FOTA blueprint solution was developed by Mobiliya, which is a QuEST Global company. It enables two-way connectivity between multiple Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and Cloud through the device gateway to allow fleet managers schedule maintenance, reduce downtimes, and in turn, increase efficiency. The solution also enhances safety, operational efficiencies and customer experience.

QuEST Global explained that the delta update downloads only the differences between a new version of software and its prior version, thus reducing the amount of data transmitted. It said that the full new version of the software is then reconstructed locally. For millions of vehicles that need regular software updates, delivering such delta updates is an effective mechanism to reduce airtime requirements, and cloud and transmission costs, the company added.

The solution is claimed to be highly-flexible and can be integrated with the existing ECU infrastructure of various OEMs and Tier Is. By analysing large volumes of data generated by the ECUs of vehicles, it can enhance operational efficiencies and user experience manifold, QuEST Global said. Other features of this solution its fault-tolerant architecture, the ability to generate the smallest possible delta, enable in-place update for faster performance, as well as analytics and reporting for real-time vehicle status.

Krish Kupathil, Head – Digital and Hi-Tech, QuEST Global, said with the recent developments in the connected vehicle ecosystem, automobiles have become increasingly complex. These vehicles require regular updates with new features and versions throughout their lifespan, he added. Kupathil noted that currently, the upgrade process is tedious with a lot of manual intervention involved. He further said that this FOTA blueprint solution not only ensures faster time-to-market for OEMs through quick and efficient deployment of value-added services, but also reduces software upgrade cost significantly.

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