RE’FLEKT ONE Operating System to Capitalise on Augmented Reality

RE’FLEKT ONE Operating System to Capitalise on Augmented Reality

REFLEKT ONE OS is based on a modular framework, APIs and SDKs based on augmented reality to address industry-specific problems, whereas Bosch CAP training suite is device and tracking agnostic platform focussed on training aspects within the automotive industry

The new operating system for Enterprise Augmented Reality has been introduced by REFLEKT under brand name ‘ONE’ that will allow companies to address typical problems across the auto industry. The BOSCH CAP training suite will also be based on augmented reality to boost skill development in the auto industry.

The REFLEKT ONE system will remain device and tracking agnostic and also integrates Siemens Teamcenter and Cortona Rapid Manual software as well. As manufacturers across sectors - automotive, medical, utilities among others continue to face tight deadline and cost pressures, the new modular solution has been engineered to solve industry-specific problems. The company claims that it has been able to concentrate on reaping direct benefits while eradicating information transfer from different sources.

Bosch Common Augmented Reality Platform (CAP) is an augmented reality-based suite that aims to promote knowledge transfer within the automotive industry. Stakeholders, including both OEMs and suppliers, can create and update augmented reality-based scenarios aimed at vehicle improvements. The solution will also allow workshop trainees to stay abreast with updated techniques to understand complex technologies and work on the vehicle, thereby optimising quality and time of trainings and also reduce costs significantly. The CAP training suite also features a ‘trainer mode’, wherein AR trainings can be shared, both remotely and locally that allows trainees to interact with same 3D content that is accessible through multiple devices at the same time.

Juergen Lumera, AR Product Manager at Bosch, said the company has leveraged its vast experience to develop a platform that critically addresses various industry problems.