Renault Appoints Thierry Bolloré as Interim Deputy CEO


Renault has announced transitional governance measures to preserve the interests of the group and the continuity of its operations. The company board has appointed Thierry Bolloré as Deputy CEO who will lead the management of the group on a temporary basis. However, Carlos Ghosn will continue to remain Chairman and CEO, despite being temporarily incapacitated, stated the company.

The company board has refrained from passing any comment on the evidence seemingly gathered against Ghosn by Nissan and the Japanese judicial authorities. During this period, the Board will meet on a regular basis under the chairmanship of the lead independent director to protect the interests of Renault and the sustainability of the alliance.

The Board endorsed the support expressed by the Nissan management to the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance, which remains the priority of the Group. It has also decided to request Nissan, on the basis of the principles of transparence, trust and mutual respect set forth in the Alliance Charter, to provide all information in their possession arising from the internal investigations related to Ghosn.


Anirudh Raheja
Author: Anirudh Raheja
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