Renault Partners JUNKER for Hybrid Projects

Renault Partners JUNKER for Hybrid Projects

The French auto manufacturer has bought over 45 machines from JUNKER for grinding applications in transmission shafts and reduce cycle time along with changeover times involved in the Locobox hybrid project at group facilities

As the world speeds up its progress towards greener vehicles, French automobile major Renault Group is banking upon JUNKER grinding machines for newer innovations. The company has already bought 45 machines over the last two years for its French facility focussing on its Locobox hybrid project, which are designed to offer short cycle and changeover times while focussing on high quality and accuracy.

Locobox features a hybrid transmission that blends a combustion engine and electric drive and is being developed for Renault Group cars. Renault’s Cléon plant and STA plant, have been working in tandem for the production of this hybrid transmission or prototype production. Renault is capitalising on QUICKPOINT 3000 and JUMAT 3000 cylindrical grinding machines for transmission shafts, and also grind three different hybrid transmission shafts for the project. Renault has chosen ZEMA NUMERIKA G 1500 Plus and the JUCRANK 6S 10-10 for prototype development at its Cléon facility and both offer reference data for series production worldwide.

Olivier Gantier, Technical Leader, Grinding department, JUNKER said the machines allow for flexible concepts to be implemented without frequent changing of tools while adhering to high quality and precision.