Rolls-Royce Completes Black Badge Family With Cullinan

Rolls-Royce Completes Black Badge Family With Cullinan

Cullinan has been engineered to meet the size and weight requirements of different propulsion systems; The car features a 6.75 l twin-turbocharged V12 offering a new exhaust system and an additional torque of 50 Nm

Rolls-Royce has launched the new Cullinan under its prized Black Badge family. Completing its Black Badge family, that features the Rolls-Royce Black Badge Wraith, Ghost and Dawn. While both the Wraith and Ghost were introduced with Black Badge models in 2016, the Dawn Black Badge was introduced in 2017.

Cullinan has been engineered to meet the size and weight requirements of different propulsion systems. This is asserted by the proud amplification of the motor car’s 6.75 l twin- turbocharged V12 through an entirely new exhaust system. The twin-turbo V12 has been exploited to generate an extra 29 PS creating a total output of 600 PS. An additional 50 Nm of torque has further been added to the new Black Badge, bringing the total to a 900 Nm.

According to the information shared by the company, Black Badge Cullinan benefits from a bespoke transmission, throttle treatment and drive-train, ZF 8-speed gear box as well as front and rear steered axles that work collaboratively to adjust the levels of engagement depending on throttle and steering inputs. Changes to suspension components and settings add to the suite of dynamic technologies that ensure an appropriate balance between dynamism and refinement. The braking bite point has been raised and pedal travel decreased. Redesigned brake disc ventilation has also been introduced allowing consistency in these changes while braking at elevated temperatures.

Cullinan Rolls-Royce is presented in high gloss black chrome that extends onto its mounting plate, creating the darkest Black Badge yet. The ‘Double R’ badge on the front, flanks and aft, invert to become silver-on-black, while chrome surfaces such as the front grille surround, side frame finishers, boot handle, boot trim, lower air inlet finisher and exhaust pipes are darkened. While they appear black, the vertical grille bars remain polished, reflecting the blackened surfaces that surround them to add a frisson of movement. Cullinan Rolls-Royce’s colour and trim designers have also created a new leather colour, Forge Yellow to offer as part of the brand’s curated collection. The new Black Badge also sports 22-inch alloy wheels.

Black Badge Cullinan Rolls-Royce is now available to commission, according to a company statement.