Semcon Provides Automation Solutions To Powercell For Fuel Cells Production

Semcon Automation Solutions Powercell Hydrogen Fuel Cells Production Gothenberg

Semcon, product development company, has announced that it expands its partnership with fuel cell company Powercell, in order to upscale the company’s production of fuel cells with automation and robots. Fuel cells powered by hydrogen produce electricity and heat with no emissions other than water, the company noted. Semcon said increasing electrification, primarily in the automotive sector, has resulted in a massive increase in interest in fuel cell technology.

This partnership is part of Industry 4.0 for smarter factories, said Semcon. It added that Powercell is able to streamline manufacturing, reduce costs and enhance quality due to the automated production environment provided by Semcon.

Semcon has performed virtual simulations visualising the entire production process, before the robots are installed at Powercell in Gothenburg. The robots will switch to live production in early October, when they are installed at Powercell, Semcon noted. Powercell develops and produces power cells and systems offering market-leading efficiency. These fuel cells are powered by hydrogen.

Thomas Lydhig, Technical Project Manager, Semcon, said that as part of this partnership, the company is supplying test concepts, production equipment, installation and commissioning for semi-automatic trial production of fuel cells. “This is an incredibly exciting project with fantastic potential,” added Lydhig.

The company has worked with Semcon for a long time, and considered this to be a natural choice of partner now that it is scaling up production, noted Per Wassén, CEO, Powercell. He said that Semcon has the broad expertise and experience that Powercell needs in automation and production development.

Naveen Arul
Author: Naveen Arul
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