ST Launches First Multi-Frequency Satellite-Navigation Receiver Chipset

ST Launches First Multi-Frequency Satellite-Navigation Receiver Chipset

STMicroelectronics Launch First-Ever Multi-Frequency Satellite-Navigation Receiver Chipset Teseo APP

STMicroelectronics (ST) has introduced the first-ever multi-frequency satellite-navigation receiver chipset suitable for safety-critical automotive applications, called Teseo APP (Automotive Precise Positioning). This chipset is also suitable for high-accuracy positioning at the decimeter and centimeter-level for Precise Point Positioning (PPP) and Real Time Kinematic (RTK) applications, the company noted.

ST’s Teseo receiver combines multiple-frequency (L1, L2, and L5) and multi-constellation tracking to correct positioning error for high-precision navigation. It is also the first-in-class device to feature built-in integrity checking for use in safety-critical systems (ISO 26262 ASIL), which enables autonomous-driving systems to combine precise positioning with sensor data for enhanced system performance, safety and reliability.

The company said traditional in-car navigation systems help drivers reach their destinations using receivers and commercial satellite services that allow accuracy positioning to within a few meters. It added that the increasing use of lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, valet parking, and auto-pilot necessitates a need for greater accuracy to ensure safety and reliability, in combination with proximity sensors.

ST’s Teseo APP receiver tracks satellites of all Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) constellations simultaneously on at least two of the frequencies used by each system. It then provides high-quality raw GNSS data for PPP and RTK algorithm, which facilitates accuracy positioning and rapid convergence time worldwide, the company noted.

Apart from high accuracy, the receiver monitors the integrity of the satellite data to alert the system, if accuracy is degraded for any reason, explained ST. This permits Tier-1 manufacturers to certify safety-critical systems in accordance with the automotive industry functional-safety standard, ISO 26262, up to the highest Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL), the company said. Teseo APP also integrates a secure microcontroller for secure system boot and data-output authentication to keep sensitive data safe from any attack.

Antonio Radaelli, Director, Infotainment Business Unit, STMicroelectronics, said high-accuracy satellite positioning makes autonomous driving safer, smoother, and more reliable. The newest Teseo APP GNSS chip combines extreme accuracy and precision with industry-unique integrity assurance for use in safety-critical applications, he added.

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