Toyota Introduces Updates on Sora Fuel Cell Electrified Bus

Toyota Introduces Sora Fuel Cell Electrified Bus

Toyota has deployed the Sora with numerous features including Intelligent Transport Systems for added passenger safety

In a world where everyone is looking at electric vehicles for reducing pollution problems in their respective countries, Toyota Motor Corporation has introduced an updated version of its Sora Fuel Cell Electrified Vehicle bus (FCEV bus). Toyota has updated the Sora with numerous features that include Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), along with transportation capacity, punctuality and speed. Being a public transport vehicle, the Sora has to maintain a high operation rate and prioritise safety, claims the company.

The 10.5 m long bus has Toyota FC Stack (solid polymer electrolyte) that generates maximum output of 114 kW x 2 and has passenger capacity of 79 plus driver. The AC synchronous churns out 113 kW x 2 power with 335 Nm x 2 torque. Nickel-metal hydride battery drives the Sora that is propelled by 10 high-pressure hydrogen tank operating at 70 MPa and a total capacity of 600 litres.

Sora is equipped with ITS Connect Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication system to enable information sharing to increase driver attentiveness. Right-turn Collision Caution function alerts the driver for potential hazards in the vicinity while taking turns. The bus is also equipped with Red Light Deceleration Assist and Red Light Caution for smoother approach to traffic signals. The Emergency Driving Stop System (EDSS) in Sora kicks in automatically to bring the bus to a halt in case of an emergency, while keeping in mind the passenger safety. In such case, the bus decelerates while flashing lights and voice alerts inside the bus and with horn for those travelling around the bus along with hazard lights flashing.

For passenger safety, the Sora also is engineered with Collision Warning System that alerts the driver with on-screen information and also with buzzer warning in case the driver is not attentive. With its vehicle-to-vehicle communications and millimeter-wave radars, the Vehicle-Convoy Recognition Function of the bus gets various information with regards to distance between buses, bus order to recognise the formation of vehicle convoy keeping into consideration maximum number of buses travelling in convoy. The Bus Stop-Start Information System ensures that the entire convoy leaves the bus stop at the same time. 

Toyota Sora is equipped with all-speed radar cruise control for smoother acceleration and deceleration. The bus can also share information with the following bus, in case it is also equipped with the similar system. The ITS radio of the bus can send requests to infrastructure devices to allow the entire the convoy of buses to pass in one traffic signal and not separated by red light duration.