WABCO Receives Contract Extension To Supply AMTs For Leading European OEM

WABCO Contract Extension AMT control technology Leading European CV OEM

WABCO Holdings Inc has announced that it has received extension of its long-term agreement to supply automated manual transmission (AMT) control technologies for a leading global commercial vehicle OEM headquartered in Europe. Under this extended agreement, which is valued at over $ 500 mn, WABCO will continue to supply the global OEM with its current generation of AMT control technology. The technology manufacturer will also develop and introduce the next generation AMT control unit that will be integrated into this OEM’s global truck and bus series production, it noted. The contract is expected to continue until December, 2027.

WABCO is claimed to be the global market leader for AMT control solutions, with sales of over 4 mn systems. It said its AMT solutions help to improve vehicle safety and comfort for commercial vehicle drivers by optimally automating gear-shifting and releasing the driver from the repetition and exertion of manual gear-changing. The system also enables the driver to focus their attention fully on the road, by removing the distraction of gear changing in diverse driving conditions and environments. In addition, it eliminates any performance and efficiency gaps between highly skilled and less experienced drivers, the company noted.

The company said its innovative AMT control technology provides benefits for fleets, by enabling optimised gear-shifting and helping achieve significant cost savings through reduced fuel consumption and mechanical wear. Additionally, sensors in the AMT control unit provide advanced intelligence which helps predict a vehicle’s maintenance requirements, minimising downtime and related operating costs, WABCO explained.

Jorge Solis, President - Truck, Bus and Car OEM, WABCO, said the company is delighted to receive a significant AMT controls contract extension with this industry-leading OEM. Confirming WABCO’s global market leadership, this important agreement will help drive the company’s continued outperformance as its AMT controls market penetration increases, he added.

WABCO was the first to market AMT control technology for commercial vehicles in 1986. The company also works close to major global vehicle and transmission makers, providing high levels of system integration and localisation. WABCO’s AMT technology also provides OEMs value through reduced component weight, more compact design and simplified assembly processes, resulting in lower installation and manufacturing costs, it added.

Naveen Arul
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