Honda Delivers Four Units of Forza 300 in India

Honda Delivers Four Units of Forza 300 in India

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Forza 300 mid-size scooter will open a broader portfolio for Honda in India once BS 6 versions arrive in FY 2021

With scooters gaining constant sales in India, Honda has seized the opportunity to step up the segment with the Forza 300 maxi scooter. The company just commenced delivery of four of its BS 4-compliant models, with the Euro 5-compliant version yet to arrive in FY 2021. This scooter will cater to  the premium audience and was delivered through Honda’s Big Wing dealership. Although the scooter is not a listed model on any Honda portals, this latest development implies that interested buyers have opened up to the idea of larger capacity maxi scooters. The sample units that were  display at Big Wing Gurugram showroom elicited interested queries.

Forza 300 has a single-cylinder 279cc which develops 25.1PS power and 27.2Nm peak torque. The V-matic transmission has been tuned for quick low speed response and fuel efficiency. Forza 300 has Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), which manages the rear wheel slippage by sensing front and rear wheel speed differences. The system then manages torque delivery to the rear wheel by managing the fuel injection, thus regaining lost traction. It may be a maxi, but it has a compact package by design with mass centralisation enhancements for better handling performance. It has disc brakes (both front and rear) coupled with a dual-channel ABS. Its boot is big enough for two full-face helmets, and keyless smart key ignition will also add to the ease quotient.

The good point is this new segment opens up new avenues for two-wheeler manufacturers to develop larger capacity maxi-scooters for the domestic market. These are great city commuters, but bigger engines and dynamics extend their use beyond the city. Forza 300 may just be a market dipstick for Honda, but they are convinced it will be releasing the BS 6 version by 2021.