Igus Develops New Glide Bar for Energy Chain Systems

Igus Develops New Glide Bar for Energy Chain Systems


Smart plastics EC.T sensor monitors the condition of five times more abrasion-resistant high-speed polymer glide bars in e-chains

Igus has developed a new Glide bar that is made from high-performance plastics with a service life that is five times longer than that of conventional systems. With smart plastics EC.T sensor, users can monitor the wear-resistant rail that offers a regular information about the condition of the rail and sends important technical information to the maintenance engineer.

The technology will make the industry able to produce in a more efficient manner while being economical and competitive. The requirement in mechanical engineering are increasing with systems that are faster and can travel 200 meters or more with higher fill weights. This brings with it new challenges for the energy chain and cables as well as for the glide bar in the energy supply system.

These glide bars are made of a long-lasting material that features wear resistant plain bearing technology, the motion plastics specialist Igus has brought out this new abrasion-resistant high-performance plastic that can be used for high speeds over 5 m/s. Made from a new high-performance polymer with a proven ability, the wear-resistant rail has been designed to work gently against the energy chain.

The new EC.T sensor measures the condition and gives maintenance recommendations to the engineer. This sensor is cast directly into the new rail and works wirelessly. Sending signals at regular intervals, the sensor updates data to the communication module icom.