Igus Launches Gear Service Life Calculator

Igus Launches Gear Service Life Calculator

Igus has launched a free online tool to predict service life of wear-resistant 3D manufactured gears

Igus has developed a gear service life calculator for its 3D-printed gears made of the laser sintering high-performance plastic Iglidur I3. The user will be able to receive a concrete statement in a few seconds using the online tool about the service life of the wear-resistant part.

Igus developed the gear configurator two years ago which was expanded last year with the capability to configure double gears. In a few steps, the user only needs to enter the specifications of the required gear, such as the tooth module, number of teeth, width and inner diameter of the hole. This automatically displays a 3D model that can be exported as a STEP file. By uploading the file in the Igus 3D printing service, the configured gear made from the laser sintering material Iglidur I3 can be ordered immediately from Igus. Igus Gear Service life calculator enables the user to receive in just three steps a concrete statement about the service life and the application limits of his gear pairing.

The user needs to enter the number of teeth, the width and the tooth module of the gear pairing again in step 1, wherein the customer can choose between iglidur I3 gears, a metal or another plastic. In the next step, the tool asks for the speed and torque of the large or small gear, depending on the which gear's values are available. The last step determines the duty cycle of the printed gear, the mode of operation, the ambient temperature and the safety factor. Based on the specified parameters, the new online tool can determine the service life of the 3D printed gear in seconds. This makes maintenance predictable in advance.