igus Introduces Plain Bearings in Child Safety Device

igus Introduces Plain Bearings in Child Safety Device

Igus Plain Bearings in Child Safety Device

igus has introduced an iglidur plain bearing that ensures lubrication-free and reliable locking mechanism in the child safety lock. A team of seven students of TU Darmstadt, supported by igus, has developed a child safety lock for cleaning agent bottles. The device is simply screwed onto the bottle and the access is ensured via an app. The company is supporting innovative student projects such as "EMKindersicherung" as part of its "young engineers support" programme.

EMKindersicherung allows personalised access to household chemicals via a smartphone app. The idea and implementation of the project not only convinced the young engineers the support of Igus, which promotes innovative technical projects of students. The student competition in the field of microsystems technology awards applications that improve the interaction between humans and technology in everyday life.

The students' child safety device is 3D printed for the most part and consists of a housing, which is placed over the lid of the cleaning agent bottle and engages with cover plate under the plastic ring of the bottle. Using a lever the cover plate can be moved manually and the device can be secured. The closing mechanism consists of an electrothermal actuator. Its current feed heats and deforms so that the safety device opens and can be removed from the bottle. The actuator is attached to a pin. By turning the lever the pin mounted with an iglidur plain bearing engages and prevents an unauthorised opening.

Ida Blum, a member of the development team, EMKindersicherung said apart from a low coefficient of friction, the bearing should be resistant to acids and alcohol, and must withstand temperatures of up to 125 degrees Celsius due to the heating of the actuator, which is why iglidur A350 was chosen.

The plain bearing material is UV-resistant and also suitable for use in medical technology as well as in the food and packaging industry. igus' "young engineers support" initiative supports young pupils, students and inventors in the development and execution of their technical projects.