igus Showcases Low-cost Articulated Robots

igus Showcases Low-cost Articulated Robots


igus has demonstrated how to automate plastic articulated robots and articulated gantry robots with examples from its own production line up, which allows articulated and gantry robots to assemble energy chains. The use of robolink robot arms for customers will be feasible with a control system with payback periods of four to seven months.

Products such as the robolink multi-axis robot and a drylin gantry robot with the appropriate control that are presented to the public for the first time at this year’s Hannover Messe are already in use. They are the main components of a machine that automates energy chain harnessing. The whole system is lubrication-free and maintenance-free. One machine unit replaces one employee per shift, who can then be employed for more valuable tasks.

igus combines the two robotic systems for classic pick & place applications. Two reciprocating table units guide the components into the assembly cell, while the robolink RL-DC arm with lifting/suction gripper brings the chain links into correct alignment. The linear swivel gripping unit then ensures that the e-chains are placed in the correct position in the fully automated assembly. The ready harnessed e-chain finally flows into a storage box. The machine consists of 75 % of igus products. In addition to robolink, drylin W linear systems are used for the gripping unit and suitable toothed belt axes in the reciprocating table system.

Plates made of igus’s iglidur material are used in the machine as well as other 3D-printed plastic parts made from its own Tribo material. The igus example shows how customers can simplify their processes easily and cost-effectively. The robolink multi-axis robot offers the possibility to automate with an externally purchased low-cost control. The investment often pays off after four to seven months, depending on the control system and the tasks involved.

Author: Anwesh Koley