India Large Contributor For Bosch Two-Wheeler Business

Bosch recently announced that the Indian two-wheeler market is going to contribute over one-third to the revenue of its global Two-Wheeler and Powersports business division. These two, being major business areas for Bosch makes India emerge as its prime growing market, the company noted. It is working on the development of two-wheeler technologies and plans to bring improved versions of ABS, engine management system and connected solutions for motorcycles. Additionally, Bosch will be launching an emergency call system for two-wheelers soon.
With the mandating of ABS in two-wheelers having engine displacement above 125 cc starting April 2018 in India, Bosch said it is developing the technology in order to benefit customers. Studies reveal that ABS could reduce the collision speed in every fifth accident, thereby minimising the severity of the crash.
Bosch is also working on a new Engine Management System that is being developed with new manufacturing processes and intelligent software algorithms, keeping the cost competitive. The system is claimed to make a wide range of Indian two-wheelers compliant to the next level of emission standards and reduce fuel consumption by up to 16 % in electronically-controlled fuel-injected systems. Other benefits include better cold-start performance and enhanced engine response, the company added. The manufacture of this Engine Control Unit is expected to begin in Bangalore soon.
Under connected solutions for motorcycles, Bosch is working on an integrated connectivity cluster that can connect motorcycles, smartphones and multiple apps. This can help in navigation, traffic guidance, besides providing an automatic call service in case of an accident, known as eCall.
Geoff Kiersch, Head, Two-wheeler and Powersports Business Unit, Bosch, said India is a key market for two-wheelers, and developments taking place here have the potential to influence other emerging markets. He added that India also presents the company with an opportunity to develop innovative solutions tailored to the need of emerging markets. It won’t be long before there is an increased demand for connected functions in India, and Bosch is getting ready for it, noted Kiersch.
Author: Auto Tech Review