LIQUI MOLY Awarded By Partslife For Pigging Process

LIQUI MOLY has announced that it has been awarded the Partslife environmental prize for using resource-friendly techniques for production of motor oils. Partslife presented the award to LIQUI MOLY for the company’s new oil factory pigging technique. When producing motor, transmission and other oils all the pipes have to be cleaned before another oil can be bottled, and this pigging technique is employed for the same. Partslife is a combination of manufacturers and commerce that assist workshops with waste disposal.
A pig is a cleaning device that is pushed through the pipes under pressure, clearing out any remaining oil. LIQUI MOLY’s new technique results in overall annual quantities of flushing oil being reduced by about 1,500 tonnes, to a tenth of previous levels. The reduced consumption of raw materials provides environment benefits, the company said. It added that this new pigging technique is part of a € 20 mn modernisation program that LIQUI MOLY is in the process of implementing across both its locations.
Jörg Paul, Environmental Manager, LIQUI MOLY, said the company’s new pigging technique has significantly reduced the amount of flushing oil needed, and the amount of time taken. Previously between 100 and 350 kg of flushing oil was required for each flushing process, but thanks to this new technique only 30 kg is needed now, explained Paul.
Author: Auto Tech Review