Mahindra Electric Unveils Future Roadmap, EV 2.0

Mahindra Electric Unveils Future Roadmap, EV 2.0

Mahindra Electric EV 2.0

Mahindra Electric has unveiled its technology and product roadmap with regards to the next generation of electric vehicles (EV), which the company internally refers to as EV 2.0. This roadmap includes the company’s decision to invest in globally-competitive EV technology solutions to deliver longer range and higher speeds, along with newer connected car technologies. Mahindra electric said it will also add new products to its portfolio.

EV 2.0 will see the company making investments to ramp up manufacturing and charging infrastructure and to develop new, high-end electric powertrains, motor controllers, systems integration and battery technology. Mahindra noted that it is actively engaging with the ecosystem stakeholders, both private and public to drive faster adoption of EVs. This includes setting up of charging infrastructure and fleet operations, delivering mobility as service, it said. Additionally, connected car solutions that have already been rolled out will serve as the building block for smart mobility in smart cities, which are currently under development, the company added.

Dr Pawan Goenka, Managing Director, M&M Ltd and Chairman, Mahindra Electric, said, the time has arrived for EVs to become mainstream, and the company has the right technology and products for India. He added that thee company will actively engage with the Government, both at the centre and the state, municipal bodies and other private players for setting up a robust EV ecosystem. “We are also ramping up our investments towards developing the next generation of EV technologies and products that will cater to the smart cities of tomorrow,” said Dr Goenka.

The focus goes beyond just developing EVs, as the company looks at investing in next-generation technology solutions and globally-competitive products, to drive faster adoption of EVs, noted Mahesh Babu, CEO, Mahindra Electric. He said, “With EV 2.0 we have laid out a clear roadmap for electric mobility in India, at par with our global counterparts and are future ready to set out for the next phase of our EV journey.”

Naveen Arul
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