Mahle Launches New Generation Of E-Bike Drive System

Mahle Launches New Generation Of E-Bike Drive System

Mahle Launches New Generation E-Bike Drive System

Compact X35+ system for unobtrusive integration into the bike design, along with smart connectivity with Mahle apps

Mahle has announced the launch of a new generation of its drive system for e-bikes on the X35+ system. This system consists of wheel hub motor, battery, and control units can be integrated almost invisibly into a conventional bicycle frame. Mahle is aiming to offer ideal user-oriented performance with this system, making it more streamlined, as well as significantly lighter.

The new Mahle drive system weighs 3.5 kg, including the battery, with the hardware supplemented by an integrated connectivity solution featuring mobile and web-based apps. The e-bike solution is perfectly suited to sports and leisure applications, as well as everyday mobility, the company noted.

The Mahle drive unit in the X35+ system supports the rider by seamlessly delivering 250 watts of power at the touch of a button. When switched off, the unit offers no resistance, and muscle power can be used for a natural cycling experience. The electric drive is powered by an accumulator battery with a capacity of 245 watt hours. An additional range extender battery with a capacity of 208 watt hours is optionally available.

For connectivity, Mahle has developed its own app, which interacts with the main components. This allows the user to analyse numerous pieces of information. It also incorporates additional functions, such as antitheft protection. When out on the road or trail, a Bluetooth interface takes care of the smartphone connection and important functions, including—but not limited to—real-time data on the e-bike and the current ride, GPS, changing ride assistance levels, and trip recording.

Jochen Sommer, Head, e-bike business segment, Mahle, said the company is giving the bicycle back its identity with its drive system. With the battery integrated into the frame, and the wheel hub motor, there are hardly any visible signs of electrification, he added. Sommer noted that e-bikes can now look sporty, slim, and elegant again.