Menza Motors Launches LUCAT Electric Motorcycle At Auto Expo 2018

Menza Motors Launch Menza LUCAT Electric Motorcycle Auto Expo 2018
Menza Motors Launches LUCAT Electric Motorcycle At Auto Expo 2018

Menza Motors Pvt Ltd has launched its LUCAT electric motorcycle at Rs 2.8 lakh, ex-showroom, at the Auto Expo 2018. The company will open pre-bookings of the electric motorcycle from mid-February, 2018, with delivery beginning in August. The Menza LUCAT is also claimed to be India’s first electric vehicle that can be charged on any wall socket and on-board charging.

The Menza LUCAT is said to be a factory-customised motorcycle, which is built as per the rider’s requirement and riding style, including body-type, suspension, seat, height and footrest. It is claimed to have the best power output in its class - 18 kW of peak power and 60 Nm of torque, leading to a top speed of 121 km/hr. The vehicle features a brushless DC motor and air cooling system, powered by a 72 V lithium-ion battery pack with a smart BMS system. The battery has a charge time of four hours, and is capable of being fast-charged in 90 minutes.

The company said it has carried out 10,000 km of road testing of the electric motorcycle, with regards to its R&D program. Additionally, in supporting the Government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, 84 % of the motorcycle has been designed or manufactured locally, Menza added.

Rahul Gonsalves, Founder and CEO, Menza Motors, said the company has brought about a change in the automobile industry of India with the launch of the LUCAT. Menza has also connected the micro-factory with retail and storefront to meet the accurate dates of delivery and ensure the best consumer experience on a motorcycle, he added.