MG India To Identify Start-Ups To Develop Future Mobility Technologies

MG India To Identify Start-Ups To Develop Future Mobility Technologies

MG Motor India MG Drives Innovation Start-Ups Future Mobility Technologies

MG Motor India has announced that it is organising its search for start-ups with innovations in the field of future automotive mobility through its MG Drives Innovation program. The company is looking to collaborate with technology start-ups in India, with the aim to bring additional synergies to its automotive business in future, especially in the areas of telematics and manufacturing. MG Drives Innovation is being organised in partnership with TiE Delhi, a non-profit association that mentors start-up founders.

Under the MG Drives Innovation program, select start-ups will be invited to engage in any of the three models - Developer program, Accelerator program or Partner program. The developer program is for companies at the concept or minimal viable product (MVP) stage, while accelerator program is for those whose products/solutions or any aspect of business needs further refinement. Finally, the partner program encompasses companies whose products are ready for market. MG Motor India will help integrate solutions of these companies into its business or assist in taking-to-market in the most appropriate manner.

MG said the program benefits participating start-ups in three main ways, with the first being that shortlisted companies will be listed as a partner on its innovation marketplace, providing access to market. Secondly, relevant start-ups can get work orders for their products from MG India. Finally, select start-ups may also be considered for investments in the form of grants or equity funding by the company.

MG Motor India said it has identified specific problem areas and potential opportunities to ensure that the program delivers value to the company as well as participating start-ups. These include electric vehicles, Telematics and connected car (V2V/V2X), sensors and hardware, after-market telematics, cyber security, on-road assistance, AR/VR-based test-drive experience, purchase decision influencing, vehicle financing, and autonomous cars. Other areas of innovation will include 3D printing-led mass customisation, in-car entertainment and productivity, sales automation, traffic management and online consumer engagement.

Rajeev Chaba, President and Managing Director, MG Motor India, said the country is home to a number of entrepreneurs and innovative minds, who choose to go the start-up route, including the mobility space. As part of the company’s commitment to build a culture of constant innovation, MG is open to collaborating with technology start-ups that bring additional synergies to its business, he added.

Naveen Arul
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