Michelin Launches Primacy 4ST Tyre in India

Michelin Launches Primacy 4ST Tyre in India

Michelin Launches Primacy 4ST tyre in India

Michelin today announced the launch of Primacy 4ST tyres in India. The new tyre gets optimised tread pattern with a new design that reveals squarer and less tapered grooves and new generation elastomers for better performance on wet roads. Designed for hatchbacks, entry-level to premium sedans and cross-overs, Michelin Primacy 4ST is already OE homologated by Mercedes, Volkswagen, Toyota for certain models in specific markets across the world. stated the company.

The Evergrip technology provides over 50 % of additional grooves to evacuate more water (when new and when worn) compared to the previous generation tyre. New rubber compounds, stronger and more consistent bonding of rubber and silica ensure uniform energy dissipation of the tyre when in contact with the wet road for improved comfort. The second generation silent rib technology provides a quiet, ride thanks to inter-locking bands between tread blocks that minimise air pumping sounds as the tyre is rolling.

When compared to competitor tyres in wet conditions, the new Michelin Primacy 4ST tyre brakes, on average, 2.3m shorter than its direct competitors and when tested in a worn condition, the tyre brakes 5.2m shorter than the average of the competitor tyres. In addition to the presence of a traditional tread wear indicators on the shoulder, it has a Michelin marking at the bottom of the tread grooves. These two methods allow users to quickly and simply identify the level of wear of their tyres.

Mohan Kumar, Executive Vice President, Michelin India, said several Michelin patented technologies have been combined to provide this range with high performance levels due to a new rubber compound, and tread pattern that has been optimised to offer a high performance levels at the end of the tyre’s life.