Michelin Launches X WORKS HD Radial Tyres For Construction Sector CVs

Michelin Launches X WORKS HD Radial Tyres For Construction Sector CVs

Michelin X WORKS HD Radial Tyres Launch

Michelin announced today the launch of two new radial tyres for the construction sector commercial vehicles (CV) in India. The company launched its Michelin X WORKS HD D (drive axle) and Michelin X WORKS HD Z (all positions) tyres, which are manufactured in India. These tyres have been designed to provide an optimum productivity solution for CVs operating in extremely demanding on and off-road usage environments.

The Michelin X WORKS HD range of tyres provide ruggedness, endurance, durability and safety, the company said. It added that these tyres have been designed for users who do majority running on roads, but also need to access construction sites to deliver raw materials and concrete, or to collect waste. Operators need both high mileage for road use and grip and traction on construction sites, and this range delivers this combination, allowing users to reduce operating costs, noted Michelin.

The new range uses advanced Michelin technology to offer benefits like increased productivity through robust tyre construction with high-tensile cables that offer tougher crown strength. The reinforced casing cable provides stronger sidewall and wider steel belts reduce possible damages and downtime, Michelin explained. Additionally the tyres offer better ground handling with large shoulder blocks and wide transversal V grooves, as well as stone ejectors at the base of the tread grooves to reduce stone trappings.

Mohan Kumar, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Michelin India, said the Michelin X WORKS HD range is focussed for the construction industry, which is seeing renewed growth due to the government’s infrastructure push. With multiple features to protect the crown, sidewall and bead from shocks and impacts, the new range delivers the uptime, durability and capping these fleets demand, he added.

Naveen Arul
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