Mouser to Stock TE’s Sliver Internal Cabled Interconnects

Mouser to Stock TE’s Sliver Internal Cabled Interconnects


Mouser Electronics has announced that it will be stocking the Sliver internal cabled interconnects from TE Connectivity (TE). These products are intended to help address the latest high-speed demands in networking and offer improved performance and extended reach while saving space and lowering design costs for data rate signals within a variety of data communication platforms.

TE’s Sliver internal cabled interconnects have been developed to address expanding network challenges experienced by designers by providing a flexible and cost-effective system that can help manage large workloads and higher data rates (at 25 Gbps and beyond) and support longer-term data growth. Designed to work alongside a cable assembly as a surface-mounted connector with an exceptionally small footprint, Sliver internal cabled interconnects enable designers to make a seamless connection between two points by incorporating a high-density connector and cable assembly that routes high-speed signals from the microprocessors to other locations such as other boards, microprocessor chips, and inputs/outputs. This solution helps eliminate the need for re-timers and costlier, lower-loss printed circuit board (PCB) materials, simplifying design and lowering overall costs.

TE’s interconnects can be used across multiple 85- and 100-Ohm applications, data rates and protocols (including Ethernet, PCIe, SAS, SATA and InfiniBand). The unique high-grade metal housing on the connector cage helps withstand cable pull, and an active latch on the housing provides additional connection security. All Sliver internal cabled interconnects support present and future bandwidth needs without requiring re-qualification and redesign.

Author: Anwesh Koley