Nikon India Opens Instruments Business Technical Centre in Bangalore

Nikon India Opens Instruments Business Technical Centre in Bangalore

Nikon India Instruments Business Technical Centre Bangalore

Nikon India, which offers imaging, optical sensing and precision technologies, has inaugurated its Instruments Business Technical Centre in Bangalore. This is the second facility of Nikon India’s Instruments Business Division, with the first being set up in Gurgaon, and will ensure improved regional customer interface in India, the company noted.

The Technical Centre will assist in services including information sharing and that is needed in the industry. Nikon aims to offer customers with the opportunity to understand the performance and benefits of systems and technology that its instrumentation solutions have to offer, with this facility. The company plans to carry this out by undertaking product demonstrations, sample evaluation, knowledge-sharing, collaboration with stakeholders to identify new applications areas, measurement trials, and skill development programs.

Nikon is showcasing the latest measurement and inspection technology solutions at the Centre. They include Non-Destructive Testing through Industrial X Ray and CT; High-Precision Non-Contact Laser Scanning; High-Resolution CNC Vision Metrology and High-performance Microscopy.

Akira Muramoto, Vice President, Nikon India, said inauguration of the new Instruments Business Technical Centre is a small step to ensure the company’s commitment to Indian customers and market. He added that Nikon encourages its business partners to consider this facility as a stepping stone to arrive at the next level. The growth story does not stop here, there is more to come as the company goes along, noted Muramoto.

It is the company’s endeavour to cater to the needs of customers and this is as a step towards achieving this goal, noted Masao Nakajima, Senior Vice President, Industrial Metrology Business, Nikon. He said that Nikon’s growth depends on the solutions it provides to customers, and for sustainable growth of business, the company is not leaving any stone unturned to achieve this goal.
Nakajima added that 100 years for Nikon family is not just a number, but has been a journey with efforts having been made to understand market needs, as well as develop product and solutions.

Hiroshi Ohseki, Director, Instruments Division, Nikon Singapore, said considering the rapid industrial growth forecast of Indian manufacturing industries, Nikon plans to strengthen business support functions in key industrial regions of the country. With a strong focus on automotive, electronics and communication, railways, research in engineering and biological sciences, healthcare and pharma sector, the company has planned a roadmap to address the Indian market, he added.

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