Nissan Car Foam Wash Technique Saving 6.1 Mn Litres Of Water

Nissan Foam Wash Technique Save 6.1 Mn Litres Water

Nissan Motor India Pvt Ltd (NMIPL) today announced that it has conserved 6.1 mn litres of water in India over the past three years by using its innovative car Foam Wash Technique. NMIPL has been using its foam wash technique to clean cars at its service centres, which is claimed to reduce water consumption by up to 45 %. Other OEMs including Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai are also using similar techniques to clean cars and thereby save water.

Car washes at service centres are a major component of after-sales and servicing of customer vehicles, which require a large amount of water, noted the company. It said that traditional car washes require about 160 litres of water to clean one car. However, the Foam Wash technique, introduced at Nissan service centres in 2014, uses 90 litres of water per car. The amount of water saved by the company is said to be equivalent to the water consumption of about 25,000 households on average in India for one day.

Sanjeev Aggarwal, Vice President, After Sales, NMIPL, said the company always aims to deliver innovative and best-in-class sales and after-sales service to its customers. He added that using the foam wash technique for customers saves their time and a significant amount of water. “That’s a winning combination for both Nissan and Datsun customers and for the environment,” added Aggarwal.

Naveen Arul
Author: Naveen Arul
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