Nissan India, SaveLIFE Foundation Jointly Release Study on Rear Sear Belts Usage

Nissan India, SaveLIFE Foundation Jointly Release Study on Rear Sear Belts Usage
Nissan, SaveLIFE foudnation partner to launch Nissan India has joined hands with SaveLIFE Foundation to launch a report on rear seat belts with a special focus on children. The aim is to drive the awareness and also builds a strong case for a comprehensive National Road Safety law to bridge the policy-implementation gap, stated the company. 
According to latest data released by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), 9,408 children lost their lives to road crashes in year 2017 alone. despite 92.8 percent respondents reported being aware of the safety benefits of child helmets, only 20.1 percent respondents owned a child helmet. The study titled ‘Rear Seat-Belt Usage and Child Road Safety in India’ covered 11 Indian cities and recorded responses through 6,306 face-to-face interviews, 100 in-depth expert interviews, two focussed group discussions and onsite observations to gauge compliance of CBSE School Bus guidelines as well as usage of rear seat belts. Nissan India is also partnering with SHARP for an extensive school outreach program reaching out to over 200k students in 240 schools in 12 schools to educate the next generation and gear them to become more responsible behind the wheels. 
Thomas Kuehl, President, Nissan India, said Nissan's strategic partnership with SaveLIFE Foundation and SHARP will set a strong base to bring attention towards this important issue. The first phase of Nissan's campaign will focus on reaching out and educating over 200k children in 240 schools across 12 cities on usage of rear seat belts and road safety.
Piyush Tewari, Founder and CEO of SaveLIFE Foundation, said it is high time that basic provisions such as child helmets, safety measures in school zones, child seats, special training for school bus and van drivers, and adult accountability be made mandatory across the country. He is looking forward to the government’s help in enabling a change in mindset at a national level. 
As India continues on its trajectory of rapid infrastructure growth, the role of road safety acquires immense importance as it is clocking 17 deaths and 53 crashes every hour. While there is considerable amount of awareness and communication around usage of seat belts, there is almost negligible focus in using rear seat belts and there is a need to raise awareness and advocate the use of rear seat belts, the company noted.