Ola Acquihires Pikup.ai to Build Future Mobility Solutions

Ola Acquihires Pikup.ai to Build Future Mobility Solutions

The ride hailing company Ola has acquihired Pikup.ai to raise its capacities with AI-powered mobility solutions

Ola has acquihired Bengaluru-based artificial intelligence startup Pikup.ai to develop its capacities in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine vision and machine learning as the industry moves towards future of mobility. The move will enable the ride-hailing company to leverage advanced analytics and harness its data expertise to develop advanced mobility solutions.

Ola has already evinced intent to develop an Advanced Technology Centre in San Francisco, US as it plans to ramp up capacity in developing future mobility solutions such as connected, electric and autonomous vehicles. Pikup.ai was co-founded by Inder Singh and Ritwik Saikia and banks on various autonomous technologies like computer vision, sensor fusion and artificial intelligence to offer seamless solutions. Going forward, all company executives of Pikup.ai will be part of Ola. 

Ankit Bhati, Co-founder & CTO, Ola, said such investments help co-create advanced technologies that can change the overall mobility experience.

Inder Singh, Co-founder, Pikup.ai, said the move will pave the way for developing technology-powered solutions for moving people across the country.