Pioneer India Launches New Universal Sound Processor

Pioneer India Launches New Universal Sound Processor


Pioneer India has launched its new universal sound processor DEQ-S1000A for the Indian market. The 48-bit DEQ-S1000A enables the users to upgrade the sound quality of existing factory fitted audio system in their car without any quick fix. The company stresses that the processor can be put in the glove box or under the front passenger seat for easy use and can be had for Rs. 12,750.

Pioneer’s DEQ-S1000A gets a 48-bit dual core DSP for quality sound reproduction and requires a car specific harness to connect in the car. The company claims that users can personalise the sound tuning of the sound processor through the user interface of Pioneer Sound Tune app. The audio tuning can be managed by USB connection of the smartphone with DEQ. The system is compatible with both Android and iOS and can also be controlled by Pioneer’s Sound Tune app.

Toshiyuki Yoshikawa, Managing Director, Pioneer India, said the company always strives to bring viable solutions for its customers and looks forward to constructive customer feedback.

Anirudh Raheja
Author: Anirudh Raheja
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