Pirelli Expands Cinturato P7 Blue Sustainable Tyre Range

Pirelli has expanded its Cinturato P7 Blue series of sustainable tyres and will now be available with ‘AA’ European tyre label certification. The latest range extends this standard to the new sizes added to the existing array of tyres. These new generation tyres reduce rolling resistance, which provides benefits in terms of fuel saving and CO2 emissions reduction.

This package has been developed at Pirelli’s technology centre in Settimo Torinese and is based on a new system that controls the different phases of vulcanisation. The system allows the ideal thermal input to be specifically regulated for all the different materials. The ‘zero-degree’ construction and belt have been optimised to distribute pressure more evenly, which ensure better performance, as well as safety under braking under tough road conditions.

A key result achieved by engineers at Pirelli was a reduction in rolling resistance due to the use of patented new-generation internal materials. This was ensured without compromising dry and wet grip levels, to guarantee high levels of driving safety. Pirelli claims that this technology has led to an increase in tyre life by around 10 %.

Author: Anwesh Koley