RBEI, GVK EMRI Ink MoU For eCall Services In India

RBEI, GVK EMRI Ink MoU For eCall Services In India


Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions (RBEI) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute (GVK-EMRI) to provide emergency call (eCall) services across India. eCall from Bosch is a centralised emergency response handling system covering all major public safety answering points that include the hospital, police, and fire, the company noted. It said that the priority will be to mobilise quick response in severe accidents or life-threatening situations on the road.

The eCall service is available inside all vehicles fitted with this Bosch product, however, there aren’t any passenger car OEMs that are fitted with this product in the country at present. The company said that it is in talks with major OEMs in India to introduce this system in their upcoming passenger car models. RBEI is focussing at introducing eCall in India as OE fitment for passenger cars alone, and is not looking at introducing this system in the aftermarket or for other automotive segments at present.

RBEI has also established a voice connection with the GVK EMRI-operated dedicated Emergency Control Centre facilitating ambulance assignment, the company said. GVK EMRI operates the ‘108 Emergency Response Service’ under the public-private-partnership model (PPP) in 14 states and two Union Territories. RBEI noted that the additional advantage of this solution is the multilingual capability of the control centres, which will help in clear and speedy communication with people involved in the accident and with local authorities. The Bosch eCall system can also be activated manually by pushing a button. This could be used in cases such as when an accident is witnessed without being involved in it, and also has relevance for women who feel insecure in the vehicle.

In the event of a severe accident, an emergency call is automatically sent to the 24/7 Bosch Service Centre, along with data details of the vehicle, current location, time and direction of travel. The service centre from Bosch contacts the driver via a speech unit, said RBEI. It added that if there isn’t a possibility to set up a voice connection following an eCall, the Bosch associate notifies the rescue forces directly.

Vijay Ratnaparkhe, President and Managing Director, RBEI, said the company wants to focus on connected technology solutions that will benefit the people of India. Road fatalities have been a big issue in India and here is an effort to work towards providing quicker help to the persons concerned, he added.

As the reach of global connectivity increases, consumers demand a higher level of convenience and safety, noted Joerg Fischer, President, Bosch Service Solutions. He said the company believes in adding safety to the world of driving, and in this context, is introducing eCall to the Indian market. Fischer added that the collaboration with GVK-EMRI will surely improve safety on the streets.

Naveen Arul
Author: Naveen Arul
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