Renault SYMBIOZ Future Mobility Concept To Be Unveiled At Frankfurt Motor Show

Renault SYMBIOZ Future Mobility Concept To Be Unveiled At Frankfurt Motor Show

Renault SYMBIOZ, Future Mobility, Concept Car, Unveil, Frankfurt Motor Show

Renault has announced that it will unveil its SYMBIOZ concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show on 12 September, which will describe the company’s vision of mobility by the year 2030. The Renault SYMBIOZ concept is claimed to address future customer expectations related to mobility and lifestyle, as well as environmental and urban challenges that lie ahead. Renault said this concept car is also a way for the company to explore autonomous, electric, connected mobility in the future.

The name SYMBIOZ is derived from ‘sumbiōsis’, the Ancient Greek word for ‘living together,’ the company noted. Renault said it believes the automobile of the future, embodied by its latest concept car, will function in permanent interaction with its environment, road network infrastructure and digital lifestyles of occupants. The letter ‘Z’ at the end refers to the all-electric Z.E. technology that powers the car.

The company said it will unveil the Renault SYMBIOZ in the presence of Thierry Bolloré, Chief Competitive Officer, Groupe Renault, and Laurens van den Acker, Senior Vice President, Corporate Design.

Naveen Arul
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