Renesas Automotive Chips Used In Nissan's APS

Renesas Automotive Chips Used In Nissan's APS

Renesas Electronics Corporation Automotive System-on-Chip Nissan LEAFProPILOT

Renesas Electronics Corporation announced today that its high-performance automotive system-on-chips (SoC) have been adopted by Nissan for its new LEAF electric car, for the full-fledged automated-parking system. Renesas’ R-Car SoC for car infotainment and advanced driving assistant systems (ADAS), as well as its RH850 automotive control microcontroller (MCU) have been adopted in the LEAF for the ProPILOT Park automated parking system (APS).

The R-Car SoC adopted in the ProPILOT Park of the new Nissan LEAF recognizes spaces adequate for parking, verifies that there are no obstacles in the way, said Renesas. It added that the automated-parking handles the role of issuing control commands for acceleration, braking, steering and shifting. The SoC includes the company’s exclusive parallel image processor (IMP) dedicated for image processing, which takes the high-resolution images from the latest automotive CMOS digital cameras and performs high-speed, low-power signal processing.

The RH850 MCU accepts the chassis control commands from the R-Car SoC and transmits these commands to the various electronic control units (ECUs) used. This enables the Nissan LEAF's ProPILOT Park to achieve safe and reliable parking operation, noted Renesas.

Ryuji Omura, Executive Vice President, Renesas, said the company believes that in addition to achieving performance and quality, the balance between the control of heat, space, and other parameters is also essential. Renesas is poised to delivering innovative technologies for autonomous driving to foster the advancement of the automotive industry, he added.

“I am very pleased that together with Renesas we were able to bring the ProPILOT Park, which is a full-fledged automated-parking feature in our new Nissan LEAF,” said Takashi Yoshizawa, Vice President and Alliance Global Director, EE and Systems Engineering Division, Nissan Motor Corporation.

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