Renesas R-Car SoC Incorporating AGL To Accelerate IVI Development

Renesas R-Car SoC Incorporating AGL To Accelerate IVI Development

Renesas R-Car SoC AGL Accelerate IVI Development

Renesas Electronics has announced the start of volume shipment of its first R-Car system-on-chip (SoC) incorporating Automotive Grade Linux (AGL)-based software. The company said that AGL is a cross-industry effort to develop a fully-open software stack for the connected car, and also considers AGL as an essential step to expand the base of software developers. The first R-Car SoC incorporating AGL platform-based software has started volume shipment for Toyota Motor Corporation’s new 2018 Camry that is scheduled to debut later this year in the US. The new Camry will be Toyota’s first car model to run AGL software for its infotainment system.

The Renesas R-Car starter kit and AGL-based software is accelerating the development of automotive in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) applications, and moving automakers closer to realising connected cars, noted Renesas. The advanced semiconductor solutions company is a platinum member of the AGL Collaborative Project, where automakers like Toyota are participating to promote open source software development. Renesas anticipates it will become possible for more system manufacturers to easily develop automotive applications, which will contribute to accelerating IVI deployments, by supporting these activities.

Kenichi Murata, Group Manager, Connected Strategy and Planning, Connected Company, Toyota Motor Corporation, said the company and Renesas have promoted AGL activities together from the very start. By adopting the R-Car SoC for Toyota’s infotainment system of the new 2018 Camry, the company managed to promote system developments in cooperation with both Renesas and AGL, he added. “Moving forward, I am confident that we will be able to evolve these industry standard open platforms even further and accelerate the development of new IVI systems,” noted Murata.

Renesas is a passionate and active supporter of AGL, The Linux Foundation and open source, and has been actively involved in the AGL community, noted Dan Cauchy, Executive Director, AGL, The Linux Foundation. He said that he was happy to see products on the market running AGL software, and expects to see wider industry adoption in the near future.

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