SAP Vehicle Insights For Connected Vehicles

SAP SE, enterprise application software provider has introduced SAP Vehicle Insights, an application offering a variety of services to manage connected vehicles. SAP Vehicle Insights also offers service including basic data analytics that can be used for fleet analytics, vehicle diagnostics and mobility-as-a-service scenarios, aiming to push live mobility to the next level.
SAP said this application enables companies to use information about entire fleets and car-specific key data like gear recognition, fuel stops, scores for economical driving or heat mapping. The information collected can then be used to improve not only the management of fleets, but also of individual vehicles. With predictive maintenance functions for mileage and tire wear, repairs can be planned more efficiently, thus reducing costs, added the company.
SAP Vehicle Insights provides superior business agility by combining the increasing data generated by connected vehicles with external and a company’s existing business data. It generates valuable insights and prediction capabilities for companies in connection with real-time analytics, and enables them to shorten their time to market for scenarios involving building connected vehicles. This flexible application is based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform and collects, stores, maps and analyses real-time sensor data from vehicles and equipment, explained SAP.
Stephan Brand, Senior Vice-President, Products and Innovation Internet of Things and Moving Assets, SAP, said vehicles and machines need to be integrated in digital business processes. He added that SAP helps customers rapidly develop and implement these scenarios for their businesses, as well as validate them in the market and scale them accordingly.
These scenarios include conventional areas of logistics optimisation, as well as management of commercial fleets capable of using vehicle data like geo-positions, load weight, temperature or estimated time of arrival. Additional services for geo-fencing or speed-limit analysis support new business processes and models in the fields of digital farming and telematics for insurance, the company said. 
Author: Auto Tech Review