Scania Launches New-Generation P 440 8x4 U-BODY Tipper

Scania SCVI Launch P 440 U-BODY Tipper

Scania Commercial Vehicles India Pvt Ltd (SCVI) has launched its new P 440 8x4, 20.2 cu. m U-BODY tipper. The P 440 U-BODY tipper has been designed to increase productivity of mining tippers and improve the Total Operating Economy, the company said. The tipper has been designed to meet demanding conditions in the Indian subcontinent and offer maximum operational capacity and fuel efficiency.

The ‘U’ design of the tipper body is the first in its class for overburden removal application, SCVI noted. Additionally, the U design, in combination with wear resistant steel increases the payload carrying capacity by up to 5 % and reduces fuel consumption by almost 5 %. The reduced fuel consumption is mainly achieved by the low self-weight of the tipper body, which also improves the stability of the vehicle by lowering the overall centre of gravity.

The Scania P 440 U-BODY tipper comes with a time-tested driveline, along with a new engine, the company noted. It is powered by a 13 l, 440 hp engine that is capable of reaching peak torque at lower engine speed. The engine is BS IV compliant through Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. The driveline featured in the P 440 U-BODY tipper is Scania’s patented Opticruise gear shift technology that keeps gear shifts to an optimal number, thereby directly benefiting customers by improving fuel efficiency.

Hanna Johansson, Director, Business Support, SCVI (on behalf of Mikael Benje, Managing Director, SCVI), said the company firmly believes in having a true partnership with customers. Besides being a manufacturer of heavy trucks and buses, Scania is increasingly developing new ways of delivering customer value based on a full service offering that delivers lifecycle profitability, she added.

Scania said that all its tippers also come with an option of choosing Fleet Management Services (FMS). This service enables customers to remain in control of the fleet’s performance by providing information such as fuel consumption, tipper idling time, driving behaviour and tipper’s position. When leveraged in conjunction with its Driver Coaching Program, the FMS ensures maximum productivity and profitability for the customer, SCVI noted.

Naveen Arul
Author: Naveen Arul
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