Shell E4 Start-Up Hub Drives Ahead Solutions For Sustainable Energy

Shell E4 Start-Up Hub Drives Ahead Solutions For Sustainable Energy

Shell E4 India Start-Up Hub Drives Ahead Sustainable Energy Solutions

Shell organised the second edition of its Shell E4 Demo Day, claimed to be the largest Energy Entrepreneurship Conference in India. The event included a gathering of energy-focused start-ups, along with the graduation of 10 start-ups that were selected by Shell for incubation at the Shell Technology Centre Bangalore in January, 2019. Just as the previous edition, the company said Shell E4 continues to bring together technical, financial and technological expertise to help India move a step closer to its desired energy efficiency targets.

The 10 start-ups that graduated were Mobycy; RightWatts; Ziptrax; igrenEnergi; TresMoto; Manastu Space; AutoVRse; LogisticsNow; Maximl and iGarage, which operate on diverse domains and backgrounds. These start-ups have business models and differentiated product offerings including battery management, digital - AR/VR, mobility solutions, logistics, energy management, operations efficiency and energy IOT applications, the company noted. While a number of these start-ups are working towards a pilot with Shell businesses, some others are closely working with Shell to co-create customer solutions.

The Shell E4 programme aims at playing a prominent role in accelerating technologies that are fit for India’s energy transition. Shell Technology Centre Bangalore is one of the few cutting edge R&D centres in India and one of the very few in the energy space, the company said. It added that with its world-class innovation and technology, the centre is integral to Shell’s core ambition of providing cleaner energy solutions, for India and the world.

This centre houses the Shell E4 start-ups at a co-working space for six months, with the start-ups being offered a seed funding of $ 20,000 each. They also gain access to prototyping laboratories for product development and testing, boot camps aimed at customer discovery and improving the product, as well as top industry mentors and experts. The start-ups are also able to approach new markets and interact with investors and other growth and funding opportunities.

The start-ups, through this Shell E4 programme also have the opportunity to work closely with Shell businesses themselves. For instance, Detect Technologies is working on joint R&D projects with Shell. As alumni of the programme, the start-ups will continue receiving access to the E4 laboratory, in addition to support from the Shell E4 team for internal deployment opportunities.

Shell said it will also be empowering start-ups under specific themes and sub-sectors, announcing that the third edition of the E4 programme will focus on digital start-ups. Following this, the fourth edition will focus on the theme ‘Future of Mobility for India,’ the company said. Registrations for the fourth cohort are open from July 15-October 15, 2019.

Sada Iyer, Leader, Shell Technology Centre Bangalore, said the company constantly strives to strengthen its commitment to partner energy entrepreneurs and take steady steps towards India’s transition to a sustainable tomorrow. By mentoring these start-ups, Shell has nurtured and enabled the young energy entrepreneurs to bring innovations in the Indian energy sector, he added. Iyer noted that the company is hopeful that the next edition will see even more diverse energy start-ups striving towards an advanced and sustainable ecosystem with Shell E4.

James Unterreiner, General Manager, Shell E4 Start-up Hub, said, “Keeping in mind the idea behind introducing Shell E4, we have and shall keep identifying and engaging with start-ups who have the talent and vision to innovate technology that will further accelerate India’s transition to a sustainable energy future.”