Sona BLW Expands Hungary Facility By 40 %

Sona BLW Expands Hungary Facility By 40 %

Sona BLW Expansion Hungary 40 %

Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd (SBPFL) today announced it has increased production capacity by 40 % at its Hungary manufacturing facility through machining and heat treatment areas. The Hungary facility is the first Greenfield manufacturing unit of the Sona Group outside India, which is spread over 4,800 sq m. It is a downstream process unit, where expansion will lead to reduction in cost by offsetting through cheaper labour costs, with the creation of about 150 additional jobs. The boost in production capacity will result in total capacity of 3.9 mn pieces per annum with a targeted annual sale of 1.5 bn Hungarian Forint.

Sunjay Kapur, Group CEO, Sona, said innovation and R&D are the two primary drivers leading to customer satisfaction and overall business growth. The Hungary plant expansion offers advantages to maintain cost-efficiency, transfer certain aspects of production and also remain close to the market, he added. Kapur said, “In three years, we plan to double our production capacity at the Hungary manufacturing facility to 7.8 mn pieces per year.”

Sona BLW is present across two more locations globally, with three facilities each in India and Germany. Sona BLW exports automotive components to leading global automotive OEMs, and the company’s customer base also includes key Indian OEMs. It is recognised globally as the market leader in the manufacturing of warm-forged ‘Bevel Gears.’

Naveen Arul
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