SRM Formula Racing Team Unveils CR 16 Race Car

SRM University said its Formula racing team, ‘Team Camber Racing’ has unveiled their newly-developed race car, CR 16 - German edition. This car is going to race on the Hockenheim ring in Germany, in August for the Formula Student Germany race event. This is Camber Racing team’s sixth car, said SRM University.
The CR 16 race car is equipped with full aero package, adjustable ARB, launch control and many other features, which have improved its performance over the previous versions. It weighs less than 185 kg, and is powered by a KTM Duke 390 engine that has been tuned to produce power in excess of 40 hp. The car can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds, noted the institution.
Dr Leenus Jesu Martin, HOD, Automobile Engineering, and Team Principal, said the team hopes to perform its best in next month’s race in Germany. He added that Camber racing team was started in 2009 from scratch, and even without the support of the industry has been able to achieve great success in almost every events participated. The alumni played a vital role in flow of experience and technology and sponsors helped with the flow of funds note Dr Martin.
The company has been actively involving itself with the Camber racing team, noted Dr S Rajadurai, CEO and R&D Head, Sharda Motors Industry Ltd. He said the company has helped the team build an effective exhaust system, which doesn’t exert excessive back pressure, and at the same time keeps sound lower than 110 db. In addition, Sharda’s exhaust system helped the engine to extract maximum performance, Dr Rajadurai noted.
The Team Camber Racing consists of engineers from all branches and years of engineering who learn, gain skills and experience to build a race car. Since inception in 2009, it has built five race cars excluding the CR 16, and won 18 awards.
Author: Auto Tech Review