STM Joins ETAS, ESCRYPT For Development Platform

STMicroelectronics (STM) has collaborated with ETAS and ESCRYPT for the development of a new platform for sub-system developers. This platform will comprise microcontrollers, software tools, and security solutions that accelerate development of new automotive control units for the connected-car age. The collaboration is expected to combine competencies of the companies to offer a unique package for developing high-performance, safe, and secure automotive-embedded systems.
STM said this platform will help create Electronic Control Units (ECU) that ensure high level of protection towards vehicle owners’ privacy, OEMs’ intellectual property, ECU functional integrity, and secure communication. The communication will be secured among the car’s ECUs themselves, as well as those of the ECU and the cloud, the company noted. While ETAS provides solutions for the development of automotive embedded systems, ESCRYPT, an ETAS subsidiary primarily targets security for embedded software.
With assistance from these two firms, STM is developing the SPC58 series of automotive microcontrollers that feature in-built Hardware Security Module (HSM), multiple state-of-the-art CAN FD interfaces, plus LIN, FlexRay and Ethernet. This eventually expands STM’s presence in car-connected applications space to prevent internet-based attacks on ECUs and similar threats involving loss of personal data or damage to vehicle systems.
The company also leverages ETA’s RTA software products that support ECU code development and consist of full AUTOSAR technology, good enough to support safety-critical ECUs of passenger cars and off-highway vehicles. ESCRYPT, on the other hand, is supporting STM in secure ECU communication. Its technologies are responsible for handling the authenticity of trusted sources and blocks access to unauthorised agents.
Luca Rodeschini, Director, Strategic Business Development and Microcontroller Business Unit, Automotive and Discrete Product Group, STM, said this development platform will deliver convenience to customers in terms of a ready-made solutions combining security know-how of the companies. SPC58 automotive microcontrollers deliver the underlying ruggedness and hardware security the industry needs at a competitive price, he added. “They have already been selected by a major Tier-1 supplier for a secure Over-The-Air (OTA) application that enables remote software fixes and upgrades without requiring customers to bring their vehicles to a garage,” noted Rodeschini.
Author: Auto Tech Review