Supreme Group Acquires Supreme Treves

Supreme Group today announced that it has taken 100 % ownership of Supreme Treves Pvt Ltd, and has renamed it as Supreme Treon Pvt Ltd. The firm was started in 1996 as a joint venture between Supreme Nonwovens Pvt Ltd and Treves S.A.S, France. It has been working as a Tier-I system supplier of Automotive interior trims and NVH components.
Supreme Treon claims to be the largest supplier of interior trims and NVH components incorporating strong design, development tooling, engineering and manufacturing capabilities. With 50 % market share, the company has 12 manufacturing plants and serves as a supplier to over 100 passenger and commercial vehicle models. 
Amit Kavrie, Executive Director, Supreme Treon, said India is at the cusp of a major transformation and the timing is apt for Supreme Group to take 100% ownership. This reaffirms the commitment of Supreme Group to its customers in the automotive industry, he added.
Author: Auto Tech Review