TAL Launches Locally-Developed BRABO Welding Robot To Automate Process

TAL Launches Locally-Developed BRABO Welding Robot To Automate Process

TAL BRABO Welding Robot Locally-Developed Launch

TAL Manufacturing Solutions, a subsidiary of Tata Motors, launched its indigenously-developed TAL BRABO Welding Robot today, which is a six-axis welding robot well-suited for complex welding applications. The TAL BRABO Welding Robot is being exhibited for the first time at the Automation Expo in Mumbai. This welding robot is claimed to have been developed for welding operations with highly-reliable features, ensuring utmost safety. TAL has priced the BRABO Welding Robot with 6 kg payload capacity at about Rs 8.5 lakh

The TAL BRABO Welding Robot can be integrated with any power source and is easy to program with low cost of ownership. It will primarily cater to Tier 3 and 4 suppliers, two-wheeler OEMs and the MSME sector, the company noted. Welding is considered a complex and dangerous task, associated with health hazards such as damage to physical health, medical complications due to exposure to fumes and loss of hearing. TAL said that the design and in-house style of the BRABO Welding Robot addresses all these concerns and performs welding functions consistently and precisely.

This welding robot is manufactured in TAL’s facility in Pune, and is backed by a trained and well-equipped System Integrator Network. The plant has an annual capacity of 3,000 units, with demand for these robots bound to increase with boost in sectors including automotive, light engineering, precision machining, electronics and software testing. TAL said the robot will simplify industrial manufacturing, improving quality and productivity.

RS Thakur, Non-Executive Director and Chairman, TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd, said India is a growing market for technology and innovation with a conducive atmosphere for development of automation. Robotics and automation can revolutionise the industrial scenario and change the way various functions are performed across industries, he added. Thakur noted that the new TAL BRABO Welding Robot will offer cost-effective and integrated manufacturing solutions in multi-discipline capabilities.

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